My big boy is 4!!

I was hoping to be able to have a party for him with a bunch of kids, because apart from Jordy’s 1st birthday party neither of the kids have really had a party (yeah, i am a totally slack mum! i know) but a couple of their friends were out of town, and then both boys got sick… and it just was not going to happen.

He spent the days leading up to his birthday asking about what kind of cake he was having and who he wanted at his party…. ok, tell the truth, he’s spent the MONTHS leading up to his birthday asking how much longer he had to wait! LOL! So finally the day arrived and he got presents!!! and balloons!!! and he had Nanny lined up with the cake. 🙂

Darcy was too sick to get involved, which was a shame, so he mostly dozed through the present opening ceremony. And Darcy and i did not get to make it to Jordy’s party at the golf club but Tim said Jordy had a great time with a whole pack of kids and i’ll upload those photos when i get them.

And the bloody trumpet (thanks Mum and Dad) was not the best toy with a sick bubba in the house so i had to tell Jordy to go outside and play for the cows (which he did for about an hour!).

I am now going to have to make sure that Darcy has a REAL party when he turns 3.

Jordy was talking to his Dad on the phone while i put Darcy to bed and he was helping him to make a list (i think it may have been a list of people he wanted to invite to his birthday). And he wanted to write his cousin Hayley’s name… so Tim told him which letters he needed.

And this is the result- The letter in the middle is Jordy drawing a fork, cos that was how Tim described the letter Y when Jordy asked what a Y looks like cos he forgot! And the L is back-to-front… and the H does not look too much like a H…. but i reckon it’s pretty impressive for a not-quite-4yr old.

We are on the ball this season…. it took me a month into Autumn to get the Autumn shelf up, but i’m only eight days late this season. 🙂

I’ll get the kids to colour in some oranges and things later to stick up there seeing as all the citrus in our yard is now falling of the trees… and maybe do some of that tissue paper crumbling thing and make some cold ocean scenes or something… not sure. But the poems are nice and they like the little wooden peg men in their winter cloaks.

Actually, thinking about our citrus trees, me showing the kids how to choose a nice ripe mandarin and to pick their own might not have been a great idea- they seem to like them, and three mandarins each in the space of an hour is not so great later on.

the boys lay in bed this morning and sang me some songs-

Jordy sang a song about going fishing in a boat with his Dad and building a sand castle and row row rowing his boat.

Darcy sang a song about having a biscuit in the loungeroom in front of the tv with spiders in the mirror.

I wish i could have video’ed them without ruining the moment. 🙂

the boys presented a puppet show yesterday…. i am not actually sure what the storyline was- but there was lots of animal noises and hugs.

And yes, they are both naked. It is freezing cold and i think i was still wearing my flannie jammies at that point but the kids had both stripped off and were refusing all offers of clothing.

Jordy has never really been all that into drawing, but the last couple of weeks he has started drawing robots and people… it started just with the regular squiggly dots for eyes and long fingers etc… but within a week he started putting on eyebrows and the hands etc stayed in the right spot instead of him starting with a hand and then the lines getting so big and spirally that it was all out of proportion.

(oh, and his cousin helped with all the letters so don’t think that was him)

The other day he even asked me to sit really still so he could draw a portrait of me! hehehe. That picture turned out looking like a heap of circles and lines that bore little resemblance to me (or any person) but i think it was really cute that he even thought to have a go.

The homeschool group went to the local museum the other day, and although i knew Jordy would enjoy it i was worried about calling it a ‘museum’ because he has been to some pretty amazing museums (Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide and a heap of other great centres in Alice Springs etc) and our little museum does not have any dinosaurs! so i was worried about him getting a little too excited about it.

But despite the lack of dinosaurs both boys had a great time. They loved looking at the old ‘everyday’ things like the laundry and kitchen set ups and old clothes and walking though the mock up of the old bedrooms. I was actually amazed by how much Jordy really soaked it all in and seemed to be fascinated by how people used to live (the old bath and water heater had him asking all sorts of questions). Was good having the guided tour and all the other kids who asked lots of questions and got everyone thinking about history from their point of view.

He keeps asking to go back now so we’ll have to go for another look through over winter.

And then on the way to the park for a group picnic and a play we ran into a little pony 🙂

We also had a pecan picking day, which was fun for something totally different. And when they got sick of waiting for me to crack the nuts for them they decided to do it themselves. So we spent as much time sitting in the grass spitting out nut shells as we did collecting them.